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You may have searched for NovaPans Handpans on Amazon US and come across PANNIVERSE and wondered, "What is that!?". Well, worry note, as this was in fact our official name on Amazon before NovaPans.

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Etsy is where NovaPans Handpans all started. We began in 2016 when the only handpans you could still purchase either expected you to wait in a waiting list for months (sometimes years), pay over $3000, and not have any sort of guaranteed returns policy. We looked at that and decided to make a hange!

Along with thousands of others who have now purchased from us, NovaPans has gone on to create something a whole lot more representative of what the handpan community should and does actually represent; whole-heartedness, sharing and love.

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Handpan D Hijaz 12

I just received my Handpan in less than 4 weeks, it sounds really great in comparison to the low price, thank you a lot Novapans !

9 and 12 Note Handpans in GOLD | Generation 4s

Beautiful looks and amazing sound handpan

I ordered 7 generation , novopan handpan, the sound is perfect and I am have been supported well by David and team at Novopan handpan. Will certainly order more handpan in future. Also after receiving the handpan I was guided with free videos of how to get started with playing the handpan so that was supportive too. Thank you

Awesome instrument!

It's very fun and relaxing.

Excellent Hand Pan!

I love my hand pan!

Each hand pan is produced for you. So do expect a bit of a wait time. My first hand pan arrived over a month after order but was worth the wait. It was winter and very cold so I had to wait for it to warm before the tuning was back to normal. As a musician though, and not knowing that this was normal, I immediately contacted them feeling that my hand pan was defective. The customer service representative took care of me in excellent fashion. Again, I had to be patient but, again… very much worth the wait. They upgraded my drum at an agreed upon price and I sold my first drum to a friend who had fallen in love with it.

I play my drum absolutely every day. The sound is beautiful, warm and meditative. The tones are perfect. Gen 7.

I have played it next to my original Gen 3 and find that they are both lovely. The 3 is made of carbon steel (I believe) while the 7 is of stainless steel. This is what makes it ring and sustain longer. My Gen 7 is also silver. Both drums are lovely to look at and we never put them away. The travel case is handing for bringing it along on road trips, etc.

If you are looking for a hand pan, I don’t think you can go wrong with NovaPans! Thanks David! (My customer service representative)

Great handspans!!

It was so easy to purchase. A customer service representative helped me pick the best choice and I have played it every day since I bought it!!

Beautiful handpan!

Danke novapans! Ich liebe meine Handpan sehr! Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist unschlagbar. Schnelle Lieferung, schöne Verarbeitung, toller Klang. DANKE!

Great choice!

Novapans 9 note handpan is a beautifully crafted instrument that delivers a rich and soothing sound, making it a fantastic choice for both beginners and seasoned musicians. Whether you're looking to relax with some meditative music or add a unique element to your musical repertoire, this handpan is an excellent investment. Highly recommended!

Enjoying the 12 Note Handpans in CARAMEL | Generation 4s

I am enjoying the 12 D-KURD 42 Hz Handpan. I am glad I went ahead and bought the 12 note, rather than the 9 note. I don't know how much I will use the 4 higher notes, but in the long run, I hope I will be glad that I went ahead and bought the 12 note. The lessons on the website are helpful. I appreciate the notetation system that is taught on the website. Thanks.

Perfect handpan

I have wanted a handpan for years and have periodically researched the market but never bought one due to not finding the right for me. Then last year I came across NovaPan. after watching the videos on their YouTube channel and read various reviews, I took the risk and bought their sound healing handpan model. It was SO worth the risk.

The handpan came well packaged and with a case, and my initial impressions of it were great. It felt well made and sounded beautiful.

A year on and playing my handpan is one of my favourite parts of the day!


Worth the wait !
Made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. I purchased the 9 note gen 7 - 432 htz D minor Kurd beautiful ☀️
I already want a 13 note and can’t wait to treat myself again only love for nova Handpans thank you 🙏

Amazing sound

I went through a lot of handpans trying to decide what I wanted. When I got this one I was amazed at the sound quality and the length of it's ring. It is an incredible product and I would recommend it to anyone looking at getting a handpan!

So happy and grateful Love my handpan!!!

My handpan arrived in brilliant condition, the quality is AMAZING! The sound quality is so beautiful and you can tell it's well-made! I highly recommend Novapans! If you struggle with email communication just message Novapans on Facebook and honestly with a little patience and faith you will receive your order and you will love it! If you are a beginner Novapans have free lessons to get you started with the basics. Infinite gratitude to David for handling my order with care and great communication! Thank you! :))

Novapan D Kurd

The handpan I received was exactly as described. Beautiful design, lovely sound.
I use it as part of the sound journeys I offer, and everyone always comments on the wonderful sound it produces.
Fast delivery & great customer service from Novapans. I Would definitely purchase from them again.

I love my BLUE + Gold Dimple Mandala 9-12 Note Handpan

I love my handpan it's sounds great and looks great as a centerpiece in my living room. Me and guests love passing it around and jamming out

Beautiful hand pan!

I love my Nova hand pan! It’s beautiful aesthetically, and has beautiful sound! I’m obsessed. My friends always want to play it!

One of my favorite instruments! I hope to get more some day!

I have really enjoyed my 12 Note Handpan in GOLD (Gen 4s). This time last year I had lost my granny unexpectedly and my job position was taken away from me after almost 10 years dedicated to the company I work for. This had put me in a very difficult time in my life, but learning the handpan was a huge help in my grieving process. The notes and harmonies produced have helped me in ways to enjoy and love life again and I will always be forever grateful for making this purchase. I hope to be able to get more handpans in my lifetime because I want to play and hear them all! If you’re wondering whether or not you should purchase a handpan, I definitely think you should, it is worth it!

Hope to win!

Hope to win!