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CRIMSON RED | 9 and 10 Note Handpans | Multiple Scales | 440hz or 432hz | Generation 3 - The Virtuoso Handpan

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A Generation 3 Model

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Notes: 9

Color: Various

Scale: Various

Frequencies: 432hz, 440hz or 444hz

Dimensions: 24 X 57 cm / 9.4 X 22.4 inches (height x diameter)

Tones: (D3), A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4 and A4

Steel: Nitrided

Bag: Softcase included


If you're looking for something ideal for busking or solo performances, then the Generation 3 is for you. Not only does it boast superiority in projection (how loud you can play), but also in the quality of its intonation (how controlled the notes are when playing loud or quiet). The Gen 3s also come in either a rich Blue, Purple or Crimson-Red sheen which are known to stand out in a crowd (see our Amazon reviews). Looking for a handpan with greater sustain for meditation or sound healing (our Generation 7 here: Or perhaps a handpan that projects through even the loudest of settings and is ideal for busking or solo performances.


☆ Every handpan may display signs of tuning marks to some extent which is a natural production trait considering that all of our handpans are hand-tuned. These are not scratches but in fact, very subtle indents and practically non-visible unless scrutinized.

☆ It is not uncommon to use an electronic tuner and notice a slight microtonal offset for any of your handpan notes. This is actually the case with all handpans and is not a reflection of quality in any way. No handpan which doesn't sound proportionally in tune within a 5-10 cents tuning threshold (which is noticeable by the human ear) does not pass our quality check and is returned for retuning.

☆ We offer a 30-day return policy (or as stipulated here on Etsy) but also make exceptions under special circumstances - we are a very human "business", despite what a corporation is "meant" to be (we wouldn't be on Etsy if we weren't!).

☆ Also, should you require any future retuning services, we will help fund them! Contact us anytime!
☆ Customers from Australia should consult the designated NovaPans Australia page ( for purchases.