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The Kurd

The Kurd scale on a handpan has been as popular as the handpan itself. If you've ever seen any of the most popular handpan videos out there, Hang Massive, Daniel Waples, Kate Stone, the chances are that you were listening to a D Kurd scale!

One of the easiest and most popular beginner's handpan scale to play on!

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The Amara

If you see Angels when you listen to this scale you'll know it's the Amara scale! The notes on this scale sound so very ethereal you could almost be floating!

The only reason for it not being the most popular is because of the Kurd being the first "official" handpan scale to ever be released.

One of the easiest scales to learn and play on!

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The Hijaz

Words to describe the Hijaz often range from "Spicy", "Egyptian" and even "Storytelling" so you can imagine why this scale scores highest for Experimental.

Although the Hijaz is no simple scale for any newbie to begin with, it is one which inspires adventure and journey music making. If you've had experience on a prior scale beforehand or you just simply love the Hijaz scale, go for it!

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The Halcyon

A relatively newly popular scale thanks to the notorious handpan artist Ethereal in E, the Halcyon is very bright and joyous-sounding scale.

The Halcyon is a great option if you also enjoy the Amara.

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The Virtual Handpan

Click on one of the scales below to hear and play them virtually (so you don't necessarily need a handpan in order to try the scale!). Work in progress :)