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Having provided over 5000 of the world's handpans since 2016, NovaPans Handpans remains the number one Handpan Store for offering both entry to professional level handpans at a reasonable price.

Why NovaPans Handpans?

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Why NovaPans Handpans?

Because we were the only ones who sought to make handpans accessible to the world.

Ever since we began selling in 2016, when the so-called pioneers of the handpan industry told everybody you had to spend over $3000 to buy a handpan, wait months to even years to receive it, and then seek council from only their "original" makers with regards to how to play and (yes) even talk about it, we decided to form our own community. Now 5000+ strong, NovaPans Handpans has served and continues to serve the undying demand for affordable yet nonetheless high quality handpans for all levels of playing.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE. Yes, free! That's WORLDWIDE.

Purchasing a handpan is expensive enough so we've partnered with various shipping agents and fulfilment services across the globe to offer the best shipping options which we bear - and we're very happy to do so!

How soon can I get my order?

Depending on your shipping address, handpans can take anything between 3-21 days to ship and deliver. The following are rough estimates per region:

USA: 2-14 days
Europe & North America: 5-14 days

Elsewhere: 7-21 days

Bear in mind that should your purchase not already be in stock then we will need to produce your handpan, a process which can take anything between 2-7 days in addition to the shipping time mentioned above.

What are the differences between your handpans?

We've seen a lot of handpans over the years and fortunately been able to try most of them. We've tried and tested all the likes of both lower and higher tier handpans and narrowed our selection down to the best of them;

1. The all-round best handpan for price over quality, our Universal Handpans (formely known as the Generation 4s). We call them Universal because not only are the the most affordable, but they are the easiest to learn and play also. There is no exceptional technique needed to master a Gen 4 Handpan, the skill really comes in anything from a matter of minutes to a few hours.

2. The best there is for projection and intonation, our Performance or "Virtuoso" Handpans (formerly known as the Generation 3). These beautiful creations were made specially for large space formances whther that be busking out in town, or performing on stage. The Generation 3s boast projection and control of intonation when playing loud.

3. The Sound Healing Handpan (formerly know as the Generation 7). The Gen 7s are notorious for their sound healing properties with their unearthyl sustain and gorgeous sheen (thanks dto them being made out of stainless steel). With the quality of sound you get on one of these Sound Healing Handpans, it makes you question the true value of a top quality handpan.

The Generation number is no reference to anything other than the order in which the handpan model was introduced to the store. Other Generation numbers which are missing are either out-dated or out-of-production.

What is your return policy?

Any order - yes, any order! - is entitled to a full refund and return within 30 days of purchase!

A shipping label, prepaid by NovaPans will be provided for customers' returned shipments in Europe and North America.

Countries outside of these regions will have to contribute towards the return shipping costs up to US$200 or in special cases also receive a fully prepaid shipping label.

Where can I see your reviews?

Either search NovaPans Handpans on Etsy or Panniverse on Amazon online.

Why are some of your handpans so much cheaper than others?

Unlike a lot of our competitors, NovaPans decided from the beginning that we would prioritize making handpans affordable.

We have done this by continually expanding our handpan production team globally, hiring as many as up to 30 different handpan tuners at any one time. We continue to teach the art of handpan production to all of our team members and refuse to claim secracy over an instrument which belongs in the hands of the people.

Should the original makers prefer to keep their works to just themselves, that's fine, but the days of depending on a merely a. handful of sole-trader handpan makers are long gone, at least for the modern day majority of buyers.

This decade is the age of large-scale production of handpans and it so happens that NovaPans Handpans is the leader of quality large-scale production of handpans.

After having provided over 5000 handpans for the overhwleming demand for handpans since 2016, we couldn't be more proud for helping make these gorgeous instruments more accessible to the wider public.

Should I pay over $3000 for my first Handpan?

Absolutely not. The world of handpan-splurging used to and still only belongs to those with the money to spend on collecting expensive handpans, and as mentioned, for no other reason than the common misconception that you still have to purchase from a local maker in order to guarantee a top-quality handpan.

The world of handpans has changed since 2005 when there only existed a handful of makers. Now there are 100s. Hundreds of handpan makers competing to get as many buyers as possible. NovaPans Handpans does not resonate with this quality of greed or power.

In fact, NovaPans Handpans' priorities are and always have been in making the best range of handpans best accessible to the wider public.

If you would like a starter handpan with superb sound intionation and easy-harmonic production (a complex sound creation technique often otherwise only found on preexisting top-shelf handpans) then we offer the Generation 4s for anything from $700-1200.

If you are looking for something which simply stands out in public and can be heard across the crowd then we offer the Generation 3s for anything from $900-1500.

Or if you're a sound healer or spiritualist of any kind looking for a handpan with some of the original ressembling sounds of the first-invented Handpan (Hang Drum) then we offer the stainless steel Generations 7s for anything from $1300-2000.

NovaPans Handpans is just one of those handpan companies who, fortunately, has the means and will to produce handpans across the whole spectrum of performance quality. All handpans are both high quality and affordable, the very reason why we are still on top.

Where can I try a NovaPans Handpan?

We sell in Hobgoblins Music Chain of Shops all across the UK as well as Steve Weiss' Music Shop in Philadelphia, USA. If neither of these are "down your road" or they don't presently have any of our handpans in stock, then check out our online handpan player here!

How can I track my handpan shipment?

We ship with UPS, FedEx and DPD depending on your country, all tracking numbers of which are provided immediately and are trackable on the respective courier websites directly.

Please note that depending on your country and courier shipments may not show updates until they have reached their destination country's customs control (sometimes up to 7-8 days after the date of shipment).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns!

Breaking Barriers

Ever since 2016 when getting a handpan meant needing to be on a waiting list for years, having to spend over $3000 (not to mention without any return/exchange policy) and without shipping options, NovaPans Handpans decided to change all of that.

It was clear that with the original shortage of handpans that those with handpans or the power to make handpans took advantage of a money-making opportunity to have buyers spend ludicrous amounts and for sub-standard customer service.

Disagreeing with what evidentally had become a cult of handpan mongerers, NovaPans Handpans strived on a journey of making handpans more accessible and affordable to the world, some of which today are even better than their so-called "top-shelf" counterparts.

Trust your own intuition, your own ear, and do NOT get swayed by the supposed yet sinuous tongues of the so-called authentic handpan community.