Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What's the difference between your Generation 3, Generation 4, and Generation 7 Handpans?

Each generation of handpan by NovaPans Handpans was introduced to the range sequentially. A higher generation of handpan does not necessarily mean it is higher quality. Our higher grade of handpans are mostly defined by their price; the higher the quality, the higher the price. That said, you will find that our highest quality of handpan generations are in the following order: 5/3, 1, 4/2 (i.e. generations 5 and 3 are shared first place, followed by generation 1, then 4 and 2 shared). Our first models, the Generation 1, are popular for their resonance and projection, while the Generation 2 & 4 Handpans boast versatility (such as being able to play harmonics on one note with just one hand). Our Generation 3 & 5 Handpans pride themselves in a much more rounded tone and a blend of colours a little warmer than preceding generations. You may now notice that we've introduced our Generation 6 and 7 handpans, the former of which are temporarily unavilablae however, the Generation 7 are by far our most resonant handpans and best now for price vs quality. Listen to how their sound just rings that extra second longer than all other generations, that and the gold is a lot richer than any other of the sheens we offer on the other handpans.

How long does delivery take?

From the date of purchase, customers can expect to receive their handpan in anything between 2-21 days, depending on whether the handpan is already in stock, the delivery address, and the choice of handpan (different handpans take different production times).

Do all handpans come with a case?

Please read the descriptions of each handpan page since some come with a fabric bag while others require you to purchase the handpan bag in addition. No handpan comes with a hard case. Hard cases need to be purchased separately (unless purchasing a Generation 3 Handpan when they are included).

How should I choose my Handpan and scale?

Quality, resonance, scale, size, colour, harmonics; there are so many different variables for choosing a handpan and enough to make choosing one harder than it really ought to be.

How do you play the handpan? Especially for a complete beginner.

Playing the handpan is possibly the most intuitive and easiest instruments to learn of the modern day. Novapans offers FREE handpan tutorials for all our customers. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Also available from our designated Handpan Tutorial Website and Youtube Channel.

What happens if my Handpan goes our tune or needs repairing?

Unless otherwise knocked physically or played improperly, for instance, playing aggressively with beaters on your handpan, you are very unlikely to need to retune your handpan within the first 3-5 years of owning your handpan. Over the course of 5 years, although NovaPans hasn't received such feedback, other handpan owners have claimed their handpan notes to shift in tune 'together'. What this means is that in the least likely of cases, a handpan may shift slightly in frequency so that although it may have been tuned to 440Hz to begin with, but shift slightly. Although this makes it slightly incompatible with other instruments, the handpan still would be fine for the everyday user who is playing the handpan by itself.

Can I retune my Handpan by myself?

It's possible to retune your handpan by yourself, particularly if it is only a slight change to the tuning, typically caused by an accidental knock or drop from below the waist height. If your handpan has been dropped anything higher or been essentially beaten with a force any more excessive than one's hands, then you will likely need to have your handpan retuned by a professional, which can be us. You may return your handpan to us and we will retune your handpan at no added cost however, you will have to pay for shipping.

Will heat or cold cause my Handpan to go out of tune?

Leaving your handpan out in the sun or not necessarily cold, but water, will undoubtedly lead to the destabalisation of the metal or the surface quality of your handpan. It is advised, that although it is possible to play outdoor in the Sun or under a waterfall, that you immediately take good care of returning your handpan to room temperature with or without added appliances such as what some handpan artists call, handpan 'frog lube' for preserving the surface quality of your handpan.

Where is the best place to keep my handpan when it's not being played?

Always in its bag but somewhere which is at room temperature, not too humid or dry. Never leave your handpan face down so that when you do place your handpan down, its notes are facing upwards. The downwards pressure on the handpan's most precious assets, its notes, can eventually cause the notes to go out of tune so ensure that you know which way your handpan is facing when left alone always.If you treat your handpan with love, it'll be bound to remain in tune for years to come.

How are our handpans packaged and shipped?

All of your handpans are firstly, wrapped in bubblewrap, before then be protected in their case, then covered in bubblewrap again before being placed within the cardboard box along with polystyrene and more bubblewrap which is then all taped tightly together and then shipped with insurance and tracking. Our shipping couriers consist, depending on location, of the following carriers: FedEx, TNT, UPS, USPS, DHL, EMS, Royal Mail.

How can I track my handpan shipment?

We ship with UPS, FedEx and DPD depending on your country, all tracking numbers of which are provided immediately and are trackable on the respective courier websites directly.

Please note that depending on your country and courier shipments may not show updates until they have reached their destination country's customs control (sometimes up to 7-8 days after the date of shipment).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns!

Are there any more FAQs?

Yes! Do you see the little chat button at the bottom of the screen? Click on that and ask away (or click away, as everything should be automated)!