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9 and 12 Note Handpans in GOLD | Generation 4s

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Capucine Rivière
Handpan D Hijaz 12

I just received my Handpan in less than 4 weeks, it sounds really great in comparison to the low price, thank you a lot Novapans !

Ming Chuen Lai

9 and 12 Note Handpans in GOLD | Generation 4s

Tim Stanley
Awesome instrument!

It's very fun and relaxing.

Louise in Canada
Excellent Hand Pan!

I love my hand pan!

Each hand pan is produced for you. So do expect a bit of a wait time. My first hand pan arrived over a month after order but was worth the wait. It was winter and very cold so I had to wait for it to warm before the tuning was back to normal. As a musician though, and not knowing that this was normal, I immediately contacted them feeling that my hand pan was defective. The customer service representative took care of me in excellent fashion. Again, I had to be patient but, again… very much worth the wait. They upgraded my drum at an agreed upon price and I sold my first drum to a friend who had fallen in love with it.

I play my drum absolutely every day. The sound is beautiful, warm and meditative. The tones are perfect. Gen 7.

I have played it next to my original Gen 3 and find that they are both lovely. The 3 is made of carbon steel (I believe) while the 7 is of stainless steel. This is what makes it ring and sustain longer. My Gen 7 is also silver. Both drums are lovely to look at and we never put them away. The travel case is handing for bringing it along on road trips, etc.

If you are looking for a hand pan, I don’t think you can go wrong with NovaPans! Thanks David! (My customer service representative)

Spencer J Baird
Amazing sound

I went through a lot of handpans trying to decide what I wanted. When I got this one I was amazed at the sound quality and the length of it's ring. It is an incredible product and I would recommend it to anyone looking at getting a handpan!

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A Generation 4 Model
We run various discounts for buyers who have been referred so remember to mention the person or page who recommended you visit us in your order notes!
Notes: 9
Color: Various
Scale: Various
Frequencies: 432hz, 440hz or 444hz
Dimensions: 24 X 57 cm / 9.4 X 22.4 inches (height x diameter)
Steel: Nitrided
Accessories Included: Travel Handpan Hardcase, Light Carry Softcase, Stool, Handpan Stand, Cleaning Cloth, Busking/Recording Handpan Microphone, 5X NP Raffle Tickets, Full Curriculum Access at (usually +$300)
Videos: See photos.

One of the best entry-level handpans for quality, price and capability is the Generation 4. Best praised across all of our sites and long-considered our most versatile handpan and by far our most popular since its introduction to NovaPans in 2020, the Generation 4s have taken the handpan industry by storm. The Generation 4s have challenged and surpassed the original stigma that a competitively-valued handpan couldn't be as good as one of its more "higher-end" counterparts. With its easy access to harmonics, pitch bends and control over dynamics, intonation and projection, the Generation 4 goes beyond the best starter handpan, but in fact, a handpan that'll last for a career in playing.

A History of NovaPans Handpans:
All of NovaPans Handpans are hand-tuned and quality-checked by professionals from Europe and the USA who are situated in China and previously, in Vietnam and Ukraine. Instead of an underpriced handpan from China that hasn't met quality standards or an overpriced handpan from home whose price and availability is just laughable, NovaPans sits somewhere in the middle, making affordable handpans that meet quality requirements.
The combination of handpan production expertise where quality mass production is a reality allows NovaPans to not only create high-quality handpans, but to make them in quantity. Despite the widespread misinformation that you must spend thousands, wait months/years and only purchase locally in order to even touch a quality handpan, this is just not true. NovaPans has sold well over 5000 handpans since 2016 and received the highest reviews on all platforms to reflect this. NovaPans continues to break the boundaries of how much we need to spend in order to get a quality musical instrument, or dare we say, a quality musical instrument we can at least get started on! We continue to prioritize our customers' financial, personalization, and range of selection needs first before anything else. Welcome to NovaPans, the world's most affordable, accessible and quick-delivery handpans.

☆ Every handpan may display signs of tuning marks to some extent which is a natural production trait considering that all of our handpans are hand-tuned. These are not scratches but in fact, very subtle indents and practically non-visible unless scrutinized.