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NovaPans Handpans

Handpan Hardcases by NovaPans Handpans

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Handpan Accessory

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Please Visit Our Newest Website
Hello! We have recently created and moved to a new website with more handpans, accessories, and payment options at . Please visit us there to complete your NovaPans Handpans purchase/experience!



We run various discounts for buyers who have been referred so remember to mention the person or page who recommended you visit us in your order notes!

Products: Softcases, Hardcases, Busking Piezo Microphones, Handpan Raffle Tickets and Handpan Engravings

Full Descriptions:

1. Softcases:

2. Hardcases:

3. Busking Mics:

4. Raffle:

5. Customizable Handpan Logos and/or Engravings (please read below).

Looking for a handpan with greater sustain for meditation or sound healing (our Generation 7 here: Or perhaps a handpan that projects through even the loudest of settings and is ideal for busking or solo performances (our Generation 3 here:

Spring Update 2022:

★ From January 2022, all handpans ordered from NovaPans Handpans will receive 5X FREE handpan raffle tickets ( and a Handpan Microphone (

★ Have any questions? Our following chatbot might just have the quickest answer!


They're finally here on Etsy! As shown and best-rated on other sites, our NovaPans' Softcases, Hardcases, and Busking Mics are finally available for in stock purchase.

Customizable Handpan Logos and/or Engravings (an additional service) MUST be purchased with a Handpan, specifically the Generation 4 Handpan models for now (as others models are currently unavailable for customization). Please allow 1-3 additional days of lead time (time between order and delivery) to coordinate your personal logo and/or engraving with us by Etsy message. 3cm/1.1" squared is a good rule of thumb for the size of the logo.

Additional Information:

There are a lot of options, we know! If you'd like additional advice on which handpan to choose, how to learn or how to best play the handpan, then check out our nicely laid out FAQs page here:

Your Phone Number

Please remember to add your phone number in the "Personalization" field at checkout so that the shipping courier has a contact number in the case that they need to contact you for delivery.

Shipping info:

You'll notice that we offer three types of shipping methods; Expedited (Worldwide), In Stock (USA), and In Stock (EU). In Stock handpans are shipped no later than the next day and delivered within 2-7 days (depending on how remote your address is). If your region does not have models In Stock, this just means that we may not necessarily have stock in that region (because they're pending a restock or are just sold out). The Expedited (Worldwide) option is just simply for people who can't wait for the restock and don't mind their handpans arriving from overseas if necessary (or wherever we may have stock available from our global warehouses). Expedited (Worldwide) orders are also for anybody living outside of the In Stock regions and are shipped and delivered within 3-14 days depending on which region.

Shipping from:

Over the years, NovaPans has been able to set up distribution warehouses around the globe based in the US, Europe, Asia and also Australia so don't be alarmed if your "Expedited (Worldwide)" order arrives from either of these regions.


Watch our animated unboxing video to know what you're getting! (video does not show the free included Handpan Busking Mic)

For an additional $70 (subject to Etsy's cost conversion), customers may add a customized logo or engraving (in addition to the NovaPans' logo) to their order which must be purchased from the separate listing above. Only available for purchased of Generation 4 Handpans models.

Find Out More! We do raffles, free lessons, instagram, facebook, instant chat, and are regularly making new content and promotions. Visit our link tree to find out more!

It always helps to have a chat line and not have to wait days for a response. Get in touch with us!

Win A Handpan! Enter our biannual handpan raffle where anyone with a ticket is picked twice a year to win one of our handpans. Don't worry if you don't win because you'll be entered automatically into the next raffle!

Our Website! We sell a much greater range of handpans, scales, colors and shipping options on our main website, We would love to put our 250+ handpan variation option here on Etsy but they only limit us to two variations only, just enough to fit the handpan model and shipping option.

Our Ratings! You may have seen us on Amazon. If not, check us out! We're particularly prominent in the US where our handpans rank the best (see our reviews!). We've been in the handpan business since 2016, providing over 3000 handpans to very happy buyers worldwide.

Free Lessons! Acquiring a handpan is one thing, but learning to play is another. Although it is an incredibly intuitive instrument to learn - perhaps the easiest - there are always songs and tricks out there to take your handpan playing to the next level.

Accessories! Handpan cases, microphones, stands and more, we've got them all! Check out our Etsy store page to find out more.

We're not sure of its value but Etsy encouraged us to make a "website" version of our Etsy store and so, here it is!

A History of NovaPans Handpans:

All of NovaPans Handpans are hand-tuned and quality-checked by professionals from Europe and the USA who are situated in China and previously, in Vietnam and Ukraine. Instead of an underpriced handpan from China that hasn't met quality standards or an overpriced handpan from home whose price and availability is just laughable, NovaPans sits somewhere in the middle, making affordable handpans that meet quality requirements.

The combination of handpan production expertise where quality mass production is a reality allows NovaPans to not only create high-quality handpans, but to make them in quantity. Despite the widespread misinformation that you must spend thousands, wait months/years and only purchase locally in order to even touch a quality handpan, this is just not true. NovaPans has sold well over 5000 handpans since 2016 and received the highest reviews on all platforms to reflect this. NovaPans continues to break the boundaries of how much we need to spend in order to get a quality musical instrument, or dare we say, a quality musical instrument we can at least get started on! We continue to prioritize our customers' financial, personalization, and range of selection needs first before anything else. Welcome to NovaPans, the world's most affordable, accessible and quick-delivery handpans.


☆ Every handpan may display signs of tuning marks to some extent which is a natural production trait considering that all of our handpans are hand-tuned. These are not scratches but in fact, very subtle indents and practically non-visible unless scrutinized.

☆ It is not uncommon to use an electronic tuner and notice a slight microtonal offset for any of your handpan notes. This is actually the case with all handpans and is not a reflection of quality in any way. No handpan which doesn't sound proportionally in tune within a 5-10 cents tuning threshold (which is noticeable by the human ear) does not pass our quality check and is returned for retuning.

☆ We offer a 30-day return policy (or as stipulated here on Etsy) but also make exceptions under special circumstances - we are a very human "business", despite what a corporation is "meant" to be (we wouldn't be on Etsy if we weren't!).

☆ Also, should you require any future retuning services, we will help fund them! Contact us anytime!
☆ Customers from Australia should consult the designated NovaPans Australia page ( for purchases.