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NovaPans Handpans

GOLD | 9, 10 and 13 Note Handpans | Multiple Scales | 432hz / 440hz / 444hz | Generation 7 - The Sound Healing Handpan

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Andrew Anderson

Worth the wait !
Made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. I purchased the 9 note gen 7 - 432 htz D minor Kurd beautiful ☀️
I already want a 13 note and can’t wait to treat myself again only love for nova Handpans thank you 🙏

Scott Benedict
Sweet C

Love the scale and key. Plays a very happy tune.

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A Generation 7 ModelSpecificationNotes: Various. 9, 10, and 13 Notes available. If you're looking for something with more than 13 Notes (a mutant handpan) then we make these too - just contact us beforehand for a quotation - and we guarantee it'll be an unmatchable price!Color: Various. Note that we offer all traditional natural metal colors of GOLD, SILVER, and CRIMSON (a dark copper/red) as well as the same GOLD and SILVER but POLISHED (a post-production-made natural mirror-like gleam). All other colors such as DEEP BLUE, KALEIDOSCOPE, PRISMATIC, TIGER, and TURQUOISE are tie-dye-coated, a method of coating the original handpan to create the wonderful colour coatings you see before you. Note that coated handpans, although marvelous, are worth mentioning do create an ever so slightly less sustained sound than the natural colored handpans however, this is not to say that they do not still sound and sing like magic - see the way Ethereal in E makes Angels sing with his!Scale: Various. We offer all scales, although we might only present a handful of them here on the page (due to presentation space). If there's a specific scale you would like that isn't shown above, please specify it in your 'CUSTOM ORDER' selection and/or contact us to confirm your selection and we'll make it!Frequencies: 432hz, 440hz or 444hz. Should you desire a different particular frequency, please specify it in your 'CUSTOM ORDER' selection and/or contact us to confirm your selection and we'll make it!Dimensions: 24 X 57 cm / 9.4 X 22.4 inches (height x diameter)Steel: Stainless SteelBag: Softcase included.DescriptionAre you looking for a handpan with greater sustain for meditation and sound healing purposes? If so, then The Generation 7 by NovaPans Handpans is for you! This handpan is the most resembling of the original Hang Drum. We have all fallen subject to the magical allures of the handpan, be that from the various online videos or for those of us lucky enough, from an actual in-person performance itself. We created the Generation 7s out of stainless steel and heat-treated them to create a gold sheen that was even richer in-depth than that of the Generation 4., although other colors, including polished and coated versions are now also available! The sustain on our Generation 7s is out of this world which is why most yogees, sound healers and meditation artists gravitate more towards our Generation 7s. All in all, the Generation 7 is a superior model ideal for any person truly intending to take the handpan seriously.Disclaimer☆ It is perfectly normal for a handpan to show signs of tuning marks, a natural production trait considering all of our handpans are hand-tuned. These are not scratches but in fact, very subtle indents and practically non-visible unless scrutinized.☆ It is not uncommon to use an electronic tuner and notice a slight microtonal offset for any of your handpan notes. This is actually the case with all handpans and is not a reflection of quality in any way. No handpan that doesn't sound proportionally in tune within a 5-10 cents tuning threshold (the noticeable range by the human ear) does not pass our quality check and is returned or retuned.☆ We offer a 30-day return policy but also make exceptions under special circumstances - we are a very human "business", despite what a corporation is "meant" to be.☆ Also, should you require any future retuning services, we will help fund them (up to $100 or more)! Contact us anytime!☆ Customers from Australia or Taiwan should consult the designated NovaPans Australia page ( or designated NovaPans Taiwan page ( for their purchases directly.